Goals and Objetives




  • To develop the students critical awareness in regards to technology and its use.
  • To develop students awareness of global citizenship.
  • To learn about different cultures and our similarities and differences (multiculturalism).
  • Students exploring the possibilities of the global classroom.
  • To use democratic procedures so that there is more student involvement in the school community.
  • To develop the student's language awareness.



  • Students' use technology for information search without critical awareness.
  • Raise the students ́ awareness of the similarities and differences in their lives.
  • To learn about each others lifestyle, traditions, customs, history, geography and the national characteristics.
  • Make students reflect on the future classroom and the use of technology as a helpful resource.
  • Student involvement is essential for the School 4.0 the Future.
  • To make an attempt or take a risk in understanding and learning a foreign language.