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Multilateral school partnerships School 4.0 the Future


Project description

In a world where knowledge doubles every minute, the teacher as the sole source of information is no longer sufficient. Our project, which encourages the effective technology use in classrooms and emphasizes the value of instructional technology in the teaching process, will both cultivate collaboration among students and teachers; and lead to a student centered learning environment.

The project will encourage the students to work in teams, use cognitive abilities, and to understand and reflect on the learning process. We aim to prepare the students for the school of the future. The  preparation will develop effective problem solving, teamwork and, by using technology in the classrooms, a high level of expertise with a variety of technologies. Access to appropriate technologies in classrooms will lead to the creation of a new learning environment that is flexible and provide a high-level education for each student, regardless of class size and time and distance constraints.

It will bring together a vast wealth of learning resources, including people, places, and things to which they might otherwise never have had access to.


We are five Secondar Schools from Denmark, Cyprus, Turkey and Spain working together in order to promote a

  • Hjalleseskolen, Denmark [ ]
  • Holluf Pile Skole, Denmark [ ]
  • Lykeio Apostolon Petrou Kai Pavlou, Cyprus [http://lyk-ap-petros-pavloslem.]
  • Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi, Turkey [ ]
  • IES Ingeniero de la Cierva, Spain []